About Beluga
Understand your fans
with Beluga

By combining extensive market research with listening activity from Grooveshark's 20 million monthly users all over the world, Beluga produces a comprehensive picture of any artist's fanbase. Easily see where an artist's music is trending as well as fans' demographics and interests, which can help with routing tours, developing show lineups, choosing merch, finding ideal promotion areas, and connecting with fans on an in-depth level.

Beluga allows anyone in the world to easily view extensive data about an artist and their fanbase. A revolutionary research tool, Beluga gives artists invaluable fan understanding and career-launching knowledge—for free. We want to benefit artists and equip the music industry with transparent, actionable data for confidently building artists' careers and connecting with fans.

Have any feedback or suggestions? Would you like to inquire about partnership opportunities? We'd love to hear from you. Please email us at beluga@grooveshark.com.

"Beluga is a marketer’s dream – overflowing with all sorts of data that will no doubt come in handy, making targeted advertising on Grooveshark, or possibly elsewhere, far easier."

"The service offers a wealth of demographic and psychographic information on artists' listeners that goes well beyond the type of shallow metrics -- streams, views, likes -- that have become commonplace."

"Now artists, music labels, managers and brands can access specific user demographics and socioeconomic factors of an artist’s fan base."

"It is the first big step in Grooveshark's broader goals for developing products and services that seek to empower artists."