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Typo. Our stats are based on exact spellings of artist names. Make sure to use the correct and most-common vartiation for the artist you're trying to find, including punctuation, accent marks, and common words (the, of, etc).

This content isn't on Grooveshark. Beluga is built using Grooveshark's listening data; therefore, only artists with music on Grooveshark will be available on Beluga. Are you a member of "javelin" and want the insights Beluga can provide? Upload your content to Grooveshark and we'll automatically process your data as it becomes available!

Small sample size. We use good ol' statistics to provide insights. Therefore, the bigger the sample size (more plays), the better results our algorithms give. If you want us to help you get more plays, contact our artist team to learn how we can work together to get you more fans. artists@grooveshark.com